District of Cyprus Masonic
Mentoring Programme.

In October 2008, in keeping with current UGLE policy, The District Grand Lodge of Cyprus  Established a
Masonic Education Programme later renamed Mentoring Programme, for the Masonic Education of all
new members and for existing members.

The District Mentoring Programme operates on three levels,

At level one is the District Grand Mentor
He is responsible for overseeing the Mentoring Programme at District Level.

At level two is the Lodge Mentor
Each Lodge in the District appoints a Lodge Mentor who is responsible for overseeing the Mentoring Programme
in his Lodge and working closely with the mentors of individual members.

At level three are the Candidate Mentors
Each prospective new member is appointed a Mentor at the time of his application for membership and  this Mentor
will be responsible for ensuring that the Mentoring Programme is followed until it's
completion when the member is a fully qualified Mason.

The District Grand Mentor is also responsible for :

* Keeping the Programme current and drawing up additional Programmes as  required.
* Offering Advice and assistance to Lodges on Mentoring matters
* Holding regular Seminars to address educational issues within the District.

For further information about the District Grand Lodge of Cyprus Mentoring Programme, please e-mail
The District Grand Mentor at dgmentor@cyprus-freemasons.org.cy

"Education, then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equaliser of the conditions of man,
the balance-wheel of the social machinery" . - Horace Mann