Cyprus Principals' Chapter No. 9655

Cyprus Principals Chapter No. 9655

Meeting at the Apollo Rooms,

On Third Mondays in November, March And May (Installation)

Following the installation of R.W. Bro. Simon F.N. Waley as District Grand Master in October 1996, the formation of an Installed Principals Chapter was considered appropriate to broaden the extent and scope of Royal Arch Masonry on the Island.

There was no forum where Installed Principals could meet, other than normal Chapter Convocations and as no original research or lectures, demonstrations, discussion on policy, etc. were being undertaken to stimulate interest among Companions, it was considered that by consecrating an Installed Principals Chapter this situation could be rectified. It was thought this proposal would also assist in implementing the advice from the Grand Master and 1st Grand Principal, which is to encourage Master Masons to enter the Royal Arch.

The Cyprus Principals’ Chapter was sponsored by St. George’s Lodge No. 3135, the second oldest Lodge on the Island. It was consecrated, in a very moving ceremony, on the morning of 15 May 1997 at the Holiday Inn Hotel Nicosia by E.Comp. Cdr. M.B.S. Higham, RN, Grand Scribe E, assisted by other members of Supreme Grand Chapter.

The Chapter No. was subsequently changed in 2001 to No. 9655 when it became attached to the Cyprus Masters’ Lodge of the same No.

Newly installed Principals of Cyprus Chapters are particularly encouraged to visit us and hopefully also to join.

For further information please contact the Scribe E.  by email here.

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