Peace & Harmony #40

Peace & Harmony Lodge No. 9852

Meeting at the Apollo Rooms,

On 3rd Monday of Feb (Installation), 3rd Tuesday of May, 3rd Monday of Sept and 4th Monday in Nov.

Lodge Peace & Harmony was consecrated on Saturday 23rd October 2010. at 3.30pm at Jerusalem Street, Limassol by the District Grand Master.RW Bro. Th S Theodossiou.

This Lodge is the only Lodge on the island practising Taylor’s Working and meets at the Apollo Rooms, Episcopi.

The Lodge had 39 founding members from the UK. Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos.

Taylors Working!
The Association for Taylors Working was formed on 30th November 1965 to act as a central body representative of Lodges and Lodges of Instruction practising Taylors Ritual. In addition it was to maintain a standard version of Taylors Ritual, together with explanatory notes and rubric, to conform to well founded practice and principles, and to make such amendments as may, from time totime, be found necessary or expedient.
The Association used to hold a Lodge of Instruction similar to the Emulation Lodge of Improvement but as the organisation has evolved and changed it was decided that Taylor’s Ritual teaching and Precepting will now be taught at Associate Lodges of Instruction. These are currently based in London and the Home Counties. The long term aim is to have Associate Lodges of Instruction throughout the country. Associate Lodges of Instruction are accredited by the Association Committee as practitioners of best practice Precepting and have referrals and regular dialogue with the Committee.

Why not pop along to Peace and Harmony and see a different kind of Ritual.

For further information contact the lodge Secretary by email here.

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