St Hilarion Lodge

St Hilarion Lodge No. 9851

At the Masonic Rooms – Semeli Hotel
10 Petraki Yiallourou St
[off John Kennedy Ave]

On 1st Tuesday of February, March, April, May [Installation] September and December.

Following the Consecration of Bellapais Lodge No 9847 [in Oct 2009] it was decided St Hilarion Lodge be established, thereby completing the Universality of Freemasonry in Cyprus under the District of Cyprus with Lodge Ceremonies being held in English, Greek & Turkish, the 3 languages for and of the communities of the island. The District Grand Master actively supported and encouraged these aims and objectives. The name St Hilarion Lodge was chosen after the famous Monastery and Castle overlooking Kyrenia, where many members are located.
St Hilarion born in Palestine was reportedly converted to Christianity in Alexandria before coming to Cyprus, where he died circa AD 371. St Hilarion Castle was built in the 11th Century on the Monastic Site by the Byzantines and later extensively fortified by the Lusignan’s as part of the Chain of Castle Defences in Cyprus.

Local Brethren started recruiting Founders. It became apparent that to begin with, the Lodge would need to start in the English language, with the support of Brethren throughout the island; then as our Turkish speaking Brethren progressed to the Principal Offices, the Turkish speaking Ritual would be introduced. As well as St Hilarion Lodge a St Hilarion Rose Croix Chapter has been formed, which was consecrated on 27th Nov 2009. After some delays, W. Bro Peter van de Pol [then DistSGW] took over the Role of Petitioning Secretary and the Founding Committee Elected W. Bro John Wyn Roberts LGR, [Segontium Lodge No 606 and King Tefkros Lodge No 9786] living in Kyrenia; as Wor. Master Designate and Bro. Said Muhyi [King Tefkros Lodge No 9786 and Lusignan Lodge No 7453] as Sen Warden and to be the 2nd Wor. Master.

There are 20 Founders with King Tefkros Lodge No 9786 being the Sponsoring Lodge. The Petition was lodged in Dec 2009, the Warrant issued by UGLE in May 2010 and a Consecration date confirmed of 30th Oct 2010 at Jerusalem St, Limassol; with the Consecrating District Team, lead by R.W Bro Th.S Theodossiou DistGM, W. Bro. E.S Williams DepDistGM and W. Bro. A. Theocharous AssistDistGM,
It is hoped that as soon as a settlement is reached on the current partition of the island St Hilarion Lodge would be able to hold their Meetings in Kyrenia. But until then it cannot hold any Meetings, Lodges of Instruction; Rehearsals or Ceremonies, in the Northern part of the island.

St Hilarion Lodge are now meeting on a permanent basis in new Lodge Rooms at the “Semeli” Hotel in Nicosia and with Festive Boards following. All visitors, especially Lodge Brethren in Nicosia are most welcome to attend and the Lodge and Dining Facilities are available for hire for Lodge Meetings; L.o.I’s and other functions.

On 25th February 2012 The St Hilarion Lodge Banner dedication took place (Photo’s below)

For further information contact the lodge Secretary by email here.


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