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St Paul's Lodge No. 2277

Meeting at the Masonic Rooms,
Jerusalem Street,

On 3rd Wednesdays of October to April Installation is in December

St. Paul ‘s Lodge No. 2277 is the oldest Lodge in Cyprus. It was consecrated on the 21st November 1888 having been founded by British military personnel stationed in Cyprus. At the first meeting two Cypriots were successfully proposed for joining and by 1889 they became the Secretary and the Director of Ceremonies.

The Lodge took its name from St. Paul the Apostle. It’s emblem depicts two pillars and a whip, which according to ancient history St. Paul was tied and lashed 39 (or 13 x 3) times. The emblem also contains an inscription in Greek meaning “you preside over (or supervise) good works‘’.

St Paul’s Lodge is an English speaking lodge and is a truly multinational lodge with a flourishing membership, it is the Mother Lodge of the present and of the past District Grand Masters. St. Paul ‘s Chapter was consecrated on 15th April 1892.

In 1893 the Lodge sponsored Zenon Lodge No. 18, under the Greek Constitution, and since then has shared the same premises and furniture at Jerusalem Street in Limassol. For the period 1960-1961 the same brother presided as Master of both Lodges.

Apart from being the proud sponsor of most English Constitution Lodges in Cyprus, including most recently Zenon 18 Lodge No. 9818, St Paul’s Lodge is also responsible for the establishment of the Royal Arch Chapter and Mark Master Masons on the island.

St Paul’s Lodge meets at Jerusalem Street in Limassol on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from October till April.

St Paul’s members range in ages from their early twenties to the more senior ones and come from different walks of life including lawyers, doctors, directors of companies, businessmen, tradesmen and more.

At St Paul’s we are quite active within the local community as we raise money to fund local schools and hospitals requirements and we are known to be quite social by organising regular coffee gatherings over weekends, social dinners and formal parties are also often organised and attended by friends and families of our members.

At St Paul’s we welcome Freemasons to visit us and if you are not already a Mason but you are interested in joining us we would be happy to consider your application.

For more information contact the lodge Secretary  by e-mail.

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