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At the going down of the Sun and the rising of the Bright Morning Star we shall remember them

Brethren who have passed to The Grand Lodge Above

RW Bro
Simon Francis Waley
1934 – 2011


W. Bro
Duncan Moore
1946 – 2013


W. Bro
Hagop Keheyan
1922 – 2013


W. Bro
Malcolm Bruce-Squires
1928 – 2014


W. Bro
Sabouh der Avedissian
1942 – 2015


W. Bro
Ian Clarke
1946– 2017


W. Bro
Peter van de Pol
1942 – 2017


Maurice Newman
1949 – 2017


Len Baker
1929 – 2017


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