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Relief fund for Cyprus Fire Disasters

Dear Brethren,

You must be aware of the catastrophic events which have hit Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca areas over the past few days with fires raging in all areas at the same time. These fires have left many either homeless or with badly damaged dwellings and in need of help. This is the time that we as Freemasons can demonstrate what we profess is our guiding light, I mean Charity.

I have suggested to the District Grand Master and gained his consent that the District set up a relief fund and every Lodge on the Island may make a donation to it, this should be what the individual Lodge feels that they can afford to give and no limits are set. The District will also make a donation and the monies collected will be used in the best possible way to aid as many people as possible. This in no way limits an individual Brethren from making a donation on their own behalf if they so desire. Should the final outcome be a contribution to a national fund then this would be made in the name of the Lodges in the District of Cyprus.

The details of how and where to make the donations are below. The District Grand Master and I hope that you will support this initiative and by so doing the many people of Cyprus affected by this disaster.

For those wishing to donate via Bank Transfer, please use the following account details:

Account Number: 039101008979
IBAN:  CY20002003910000000100897900
the SWIFT address (BIC code) of Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd is BCYPCY2N

Those wishing to make a donation by cheque or cash please make the cheques payable to ‘District Grand Lodge’ and send to the post address below.
PO Box 70601,
Limassol 3800

The aim is to target where the most effective use of the monies donated can be used to relieve the suffering and distress this situation has caused across the island. Specific details of where the donation(s) will be targeted will be circulated to all members when finalised.

The closing date for those who wish to participate is 31st July 2021.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

Dave Penelrick,
President of the Board of Benevolence

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